Pokerbros Unions - What are they and how to Join

The difference is that when you play in a club you can sit on a table only with members from that same club, but when the club you are part of is participating in an Union you have the chance of playing with different people who are not in your club.

What is a Union on Pokerbros? From the above couple of sentences you have already understood what a union is but let’s have a little bit more information about them. So the main detail here is the fact that in order to play in an union you and the persons who you are playing with and are not from your club, also have to participate in a second club, different that yours and this second club also must take parts on the union. So basically two clubs, two players and one union, this is what is literally means an union. Let’s just point out that the requirements to create a union are at least two clubs to take part of it and with a maximum of 75 in the current moment. One more important detail – the club which is a part of the union has very little to none control of the games which will be offered in the union. The most common practice is for the union to employ a manager on the tables so he can take decisions on what games will be played. The clubs also have the rights to request and suggest through the table manager but there is no guarantee if approving the requests.

How can I be sure my club is in a Union? Sometime it can be a little difficult to understand if your club is part of a union, and of course you can always as your club manager but here is a tip off of a much easier way. Just log into any ring game table in your club’s lobby and take a look into the center of the table as shown below:

How can I join and play in a Union? There is no way to play or join directly to a Union. In order to play with other people who are part of a specific Union, you need to join or already taking part of a club which is listed in the Union you want to play in! You can always ask you manager in which Union/s the club you are part of is included. On the other hand if you are interested in playing In a specific Union, you can always check it’s members and how to join in it online, just remember always to be cautious when joining online!

But which are the most popular Unions and their top clubs? 1. Diamond Union – This is the first big Union formed and currently the largest one. With nearly doubling the traffic of the second-largest Union, Diamond Union Is famous for his soft games and recreational traffic. The administration is keeping high-quality standard for each new club and this is a guarantee for very few problems as general.

- Games included in the Diamond Union:  Ring Games: • Texas Hold’Em: Stakes starting from 0.10/0.20 raising to 10/20; almost all tables offer insurance; included pineapple tables, double-board tables but no bomb pot tables  Multi- Table Tournaments: • Tournaments every day ranging from 1 to 100 buy-ins • The Diamond Union club organizes several Diamond Series each year which i


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