Potty Training Techniques for Boys

As parents who have used cloth diapers will already know, washing soiled underwear with bleach can create a really bad odor. When your child has demonstrated an interest in going potty, it's time to put him in underwear. Most, if not all, toddlers will have some sort of action that shows us that they are either about to go potty or are in the process of it. Trust me when I say that you can NOT force an unwilling toddler to sit on a potty chair that they have not become accustomed to.

Make sure the clothing is easy to remove. Let me start by telling you, the only supplies you'll need while potty training are: plenty of underwear, and a simple, inexpensive potty seat that attaches to your toilet. A few days before your trip you will want to make a note at what time they usually go to the bathroom. Say no to disposable pull-ups.

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