CBSE Class 10th Sample Papers 2023-24 डाउनलोड करें क्लास 10वीं सब्जेक्ट वाइज सैंपल पेपर 2023-24 PDF

CBSE 10th Exam 2024 will be conducted in February month. Before the Board examinations, CBSE will conduct a pre-board examination for the 10th class in the upcoming days. However, the board has not provided the date sheet of the 10th class pre-board examination 2024 but you should prepare for the PRE board in the month of November in December as pre-board may be conducted in January month of 2024. CBSE Board examinations 2024 are very helpful for students to prepare for the main examinations and pre-board marks are also important for internal marking. Pre-board question paper of the 10th class will be similar according to the main 10th class board examination.

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