Hire a chef in New York

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been providing private chef services in New York City for over 11 years. Our chef recruiting agents work day and night to get you the best private chef services. We help you hire a chef in New York from local talent pools, ensuring that the chef candidates we source have all the skills and expertise you seek.

Why Choose US:

-Fair Practice and Compliance -Optimum Reliability -Extensive Experience in Private Chef Hiring -Access To Huge Chef Talent Network

Contact us on +1 (917) 900 9072 and find highly-talented professional chefs


Best Headhunters in Montreal

Alliance Recruitment has strategic alliances with numerous big and small companies throughout the world which helps us to have a big network for different kinds of sectors. We have many years of experience as headhunters. You can trust our headhunters Montreal for improving your ROI from recruitment investments.

Our Services Includes: -Matching profiles and Shortlisting CVs -Screening -Assessments -Interviews -Advanced Screening Processes for Final Candidate Selection

Contact us on +1 (780) 900 4752 find out more about how we can help you get the best candidates for your top level positions.


Detailed furniture manufacturing drawings reduce TAT by 50%

A Netherland-based retail furniture manufacturer was dealing with an overlong design cycle and an in-efficient manufacturing process. With 3D CAD modeling, the manufacturer experienced a drastic improvement in manufacturing cost and time. Detailed 3D designs created using rough inputs shared by the designer were converted into detailed 3D models, leading to faster approvals. Clear design intents led to seamless communications across stakeholders due to which the complete transformation of conceptual sketches took place in just 72 hours.