Benefits of Hong Kong Visa

Few Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration You Must Know One of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is an amazingly beautiful country and located in Asia even as it is pretty famous for its striking & deep natural harbor. This former British colony is one of the leading economies of the world and much targeted by the migrants from almost across the world, more so Asia, many of who shift base to it for a variety of reasons and benefits some of which are being mentioned here below. That this city-state also has one of the highest per capita incomes across the globe further adds to its unmatched global appeal making it Red Hot for the immigrants.

Benefits of Immigration to Hong Kong Hong Kong Residency: This can be acquired rather quickly & much easily. The migrants only require some months to duly apply for the country’s residency status..

Legal Society: The country has what one calls perfect legality. Here, there is an assurance of human rights, protection of private property and full privacy of human rights. Availability of superb opportunities for global giants, improved scope for further development imply that one cannot find a better nation to migrate to and do a thriving business.

Free Economy: Perhaps, the biggest benefit of immigration to this nation is that it boasts of an absolutely free economy. Tax rates here are pretty insignificant. There is also no inheritance tax. There is no crippling foreign exchange controls either.

Democracy: Hong Kong is a democracy — and that also a flourishing one. This nation upholds democracy, free spirit. Here, people live with no fears whatsoever of any ideological and political detention.

Honest Government: The government of Hong Kong is honest and resourceful even as it is much known for its unmatched service to the community, respecting the public opinion, protecting public interests. At a time when cases of widespread corruption and dishonesty keep surfacing and re-surfacing from almost all over the world and the various governments keep being held guilty of the same, such a positive aspect of this city-state certainly comes as a pleasant surprise even as it proves to be yet another benefit of Hong Kong immigration.

Amazing Habitation: The country boasts of a highly prospering material and spiritual civilization, not to mention a high quality of life, even as all this makes it the very best city for human habitat across the globe. The country has the second longest life expectancy of any nation in the globe.

Cost Effective Living: In Hong Kong, almost everything — Travelling, Food, Telecommunication, Medical, and Entertainment — is comparatively cost effective and cheaper vis-Ã -vis other leading nations which inspire skilled labor.

Free education: The nation offers free education to the children of its migrants. Post shifting to the country, migrants’ children may enjoy absolutely free education for nine years.

How to Immigrate to Hong Kong from India

QMAS: Quality Migrant Admission Scheme encourages entry of highly trained emigrants who would enter region and settle down with appropriate jobs in their occupational premise or establish businesses and contribute productively to economy of HKSAR. There is annual sealing of 1000 grants. A migrant must fulfill preliminary stipulations to be considered for this program

Preliminary stipulations An applicant must

Be over 18 years & Have relevant academic qualifications to suffice with the trade in which he/she specializes Have stipulated linguistic proficiency in English i.e. minimum of Band 6 in IELTS Post-preliminary stipulations include clearing either GPT or ABP evaluation GPT is most crucial part of Hong Kong Immigration and it is mandatory to score 80 marks (out of 225) which is calculated on basis of factors such as

Factor 1: Age Factor 2: Academic Credentials Factor 3: Employment Exposure Factor 4: Linguistic Abilities Factor 5: Adaptability ABP evaluation targets outstanding migrants with exceptional skills and achievements in their trades. In this evaluation only one parameter is allocated a score of 165 marks provided a migrant

Factor 1: Is a recipient of global level recognition and accolades & Factor 2: Has participated, and made phenomenal infusions into innovations in his/her trade premise We as your immigrants consultants would keep you updated at all times regarding the various stages of the process. We would guide you accordingly at each step to make this phase completely hassle-free for you. Remember, even qualified businessmen and self-employed can also apply under the points-based test system!

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