What Is Virtual Hospitality Recruitment and How It Is Beneficial to the Businesses? - Khaansama

The hospitality business relies heavily on the Virtual Recruitment Services. It provides them with the access to the specialized chefs and hotel staff from all across the world. Only the regional chefs can bring the authenticity to a dish. Thus, recruiting regional chefs has been a game changer for many hospitality businesses.

Role of Machine Learning and AI in Modern Payroll Services

AI and machine learning are changing how payroll management systems operate by streamlining data-driven processes. Using them to automate everyday tasks such as calculating salary and keeping track of employee hours can become quite easy. AI also offers payroll services such as early wage access and offers insights into employee behavior. The way AI analyses work patterns and considers external factors, it can benefit roster management and help managers make important decisions regarding staff. Outsourced accounting services by a trusted payroll agency like Paysquare can help streamline

The Benefits of Hiring Hospitality Staff from India Diversity and Expertise

India stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. It has a vast pool of qualified, skilled, brilliant and experienced professionals. Thus, hiring Indian candidates can be a strategic decision to grow your hospitality venture. Khaansama is one of the best hospitality recruitment agencies in India. It has been recruiting Indian candidates on behalf of foreign clients for more than a decade now. Khaansama is a long-term recruitment partner with many clients. It is known for quality services and smooth onboarding experience provided.

Latest Trends in SAP Transportation Management

Discover the latest trends in SAP Transportation Management Solutions that are reshaping the landscape of transportation management services. Explore how cutting-edge transportation management solutions are driving efficiency, visibility, and control in logistics and supply chain operations. Stay ahead of the curve with insights into how SAP Transportation Management is revolutionizing the way businesses optimize their transportation processes and enhance overall supply chain performance.

From India to Abroad: Your Guide to a Successful International Hospitality Career - Khaansama

Hospitality is the biggest industry in the world and a source of lucrative profession. It encompasses a wide range of professions including event planning, aviation, maritime, tourism, restaurant management and more. The industry offers numerous job opportunities spanning from directors, managers, chefs to kitchen staff, stewards and more. People looking for their career in the hospitality industry usually are the creative ones. They create “home away from home: for the tourists while giving them the experience of the culture they are visiting.

2023 Updates And Changes in Business Immigration Laws In Canada

Business immigration in Canada landscape is evolving to attract talent, investment, and innovation in the global market. The changes made in 2023 reflect the country's commitment to economic growth, diversity, and competitiveness on the world stage. Embracing these changes in Canadian business immigration laws could be your key to a brighter and more prosperous future in the Great White North. Business Immigration Visas is the right place to reach out for visa help.

Raising Capital for Your US Startup Strategies for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Raising capital for your US startup as an immigrant entrepreneur can be a daunting but rewarding journey. By understanding the funding landscape, building a strong network, perfecting your pitch, and exploring various funding sources and the investment needed to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality. Remember, the US has a rich history of immigrant entrepreneurs who have thrived, and with determination and the right strategies, you can join their ranks. To get a startup visa in USA connect with Business Immigration Visas.


ISO 45001 is the transnational standard for occupational health and safety operation systems, formerly OHSAS 180012007.

It has been developed in response to the demand for assiduity for a recognizable health and safety operation system standard that can be externally assessed and certified. One of its major strengths is its wide appeal to any association, irrespective of size, sector, or geographical Location.

ISO 14001 consultancy in UAE

Are you looking to improve your organization's environmental management? Get ISO 14001 consultancy services from Qdot. we have a team of experts who will help you achieve the certificate. Could you call us today and get a free Quote?

Streamlining Warehouse Operations Using SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM

Discover how SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) can revolutionize your warehouse operations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity. Explore the benefits of this advanced solution and learn how to optimize your supply chain, inventory management, and order fulfillment processes for greater success in today's competitive market.

Legal Translation in Jumeirah

It is an official translation used in legal settings and for legal purposes, prepared by a legal translator licensed by the Ministry of Justice. A deep-rooted perspective to legal translation centers on terminological equivalence making translators precisely follow the wording of source texts. Using a target-language oriented strategy results in target texts that include genre conventions that the target audience expects and at the same time holds on to the substantive legal contents of source texts. Hence, this results in translations that are both factually and conventionally correct seen from the viewpoint of the intended target audience.