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Architectural design services covers concept and master plan development of Zoos. we get immense pleasure to see our clients enjoying the satisfactorily results from our professionals efforts. Besides, master plan development, concept design and architectural planning, we also cater to the interpretive planning. Our zoo exhibit design services offers satisfactory solutions to the animals and zoo personnel as well. Our team of animal exhibit designers have the expertise of designing exhibits with cage design being passe. Our focus is on moated exhibits, immersion exhibits with exercise yards, thematic landscaping, security raillings and many other design requirements. As zoo exhibit consultants our customized exhibit designs resonate with the client's goals- transforming the vision into realtiy.


Best Corporate Training Companies in India — WAWCL

Ways & Work Consulting LLP is an ISO 9001:2015 certified HR Consulting Firm, Manpower Recruitment and Practical Training firm with an aim to provide value-added service to employers with an in-depth understanding of their requirements. We are working as a perfect bridge between employer and employee to fulfill their needs by placing the best suitable at place. We work for Employers as well as employees to meet their HR functional needs.


Vastu for Farm House

Vastu for Farm House

Vastu for Farm House suggests that It is better to construct a farmhouse by following the farmhouse Vastu guidelines The farmhouse may also be a building that serves as the primary residence in a rural/ agricultural setting. A farmhouse provides welcome relief to the people who are forced to live with many tensions in big cities Buying a farmhouse or second home is an exciting venture and one that comes with many advantages beyond serving as a fun getaway for you as well as your family. It can be a great investment if the space is aligned with natural Vastu Farm House Vastu Consultant elements. Fortunately, still, we are remembering our childhood days which we enjoyed in farmhouses and land and our swimming days in the well mannered, those who have such village experience they never forget such golden moments. It is common to have the farmhouse in the midst of farm fields. In some areas, farm fields are also called as ranch, farmstead plantations, estate family farms, dairy farms, hobby farms, farmland, market garden

Important Vastu Tips for Farmhouse

Construct the cottages on the plot in the scattered form in all the directions.

Any constructions or structures in the farm fields should require protection from the South, West, and Southwest corners.

The location of parking area is best in the Northwest or southeast.

Avoid the land with the road only towards the south, while selecting land for agriculture or farmhouse

This structure requires more open space toward the East and North.

Buy the land in a square or rectangular shape. The land extended towards the northeast is auspicious and brings prosperity to the owner. Extension in any other direction is not. beneficial as per Vastu.

Water is an important element of Vastu Shastra. Water exists in the world as a state of liquid.

If this structure is at the Southwest corner of the farmhouse, then don't plan a water storage sump or water wells in the Northeast.

Park with small flowering plants is good towards the north and East.

You may grow fruit trees in all directions as per their need for Sunlight and heat.

Large decorative trees are useful in the south, West, or southwest directions.

Construct the Wi-Fi launch and Games Room in the North or East. Southeast is the best direction for the kitchen.

Chart, drawing, tables, pictures, etc. to understand the recommendations.

Free backup and follow-up for the property consulting.

The animal must be in the west or northwest direction of the farm. Arrange animals' cage or block in such a way that they face north or east when tied with the rope. No animal should face south on the farm.

The Compound wall for the farm should be made in such a way that it has a higher as well as thicker wall in the south & west directions compared to the east & north.

Do not buy a plot with a hill or mountain in the north or east direction.

After implementation people have seen their income increase, their love life improves, and he


Vastu Consultant

Best Vastu Consultant in India

The majority of traditional business families and individuals make sure to consult an experienced Vastu Consultant in India even before starting their projects. They have already experienced that the Name, fame, and success of any individual significantly depend on the quality of energy of their surroundings. More than 700 expert Saral Vaastu Consultants are providing Vastu Solutions across India visiting more than 2000 homes in a day. Our Vastu consultant provides various services including Vastu Consultant with Vastu remedies, Full Vastu Consultant, Implementation Check Visit, Revisit, House Plan, Predictions, etc.

Vastuart.com provides scientific Vastu Solutions at a reasonable cost without any changes in the existing structure for all types of Vastus. best Vastu Consultant India It’s a unique solution specifically calculated on the basis of your birthdates, existing directions of Vastu, various energies in existing Vastu & then shifting of energies to respective correct direction & making the match elements according to your Vastu with the respective elements of the universe.

Logical & Scientific Approach The fact is that there are a limited number of experienced Vastu Consultants offering professional and systematic Vastuart Finding those rare gems out of the self-proclaimed Vastu experts is no less than a herculean task. They advise carefully identifying those few experts who can genuinely solve your issues effectively.

Professionally qualified and experienced Vastu consultants of Vastuart would never advise any demolition or reconstruction. IT should actually be checked timely if the concerns being faced are due to Vastuart. If Vastushastra balancing of the House / Shop / Factory / Establishment / Hotel / Resort / Institute / Office is disturbed, then immediately invite a knowledgeable Vastushastra Expert who would resolve all the issues without suggesting any construction changes in the structure of the property.

We aim to recreate a unique atmosphere in your residential, commercial, and industrial space in such a way that your purposes can fulfil, and your health and wealth can prosper. We expand our services for Numerological consultation.

INDUSTRIAL VASTU Industrial space regardless of whether it is a huge mega factory or a small factory shed, plays a crucial role in their overall business.

COMMERCIAL VASTU Work is worship. We spend about 9-10 hours in the office. work not only give us money but also gives us an identification in the world.

We have had the privilege of serving customers from industries to institutions, to homes to farmhouses, to shops and factories—both within India and overseas across the continents as far as the United Arab Emirates.



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